What Qualifies Art as Good or Bad?

Quality, albeit subjective, is what defines art as good or bad. In all the generations of art, there are some that are exceptionally good and there are those that are simply bad. In real sense, it is easier to tell between good and bad art when it comesdownload-2 to representational art as opposed to abstract and contemporary art.

Deeply looking at a piece of art will also tell you if it is good or bad. When you first look at something, it’s easy to conclude that it is good, especially if you do not have anything else to compare it to. But the more you look at it, the more you can start identifying the flaws, if any and really appreciating what the artist was going for.

Art is one of the most subjective disciplines as there are people who believe that the distinction between good and bad purely lies on the eye of the person viewing the piece. There are those however, who are convinced that there is a clear distinction between immaculate art and crappy art. All this however comes down to a viewer’s perception.

Originality is one of the key factors of determining whether a piece is good or bad. Artists should strive to be authentic and not reactionary. This way, their work will be purely judged as being one of a kind instead of being compared to the work of a famous artist.

When all this is said and done, if you are looking to buy an art piece, you need to go out and have a look yourself and see how each piece speaks to you. Don’t rely on the opinion of the critics because at the end of the day, it’s you who will be stuck with the painting. Make sure you really dig a piece before committing your money to it.