Visual Art 101

The term ‘Visual Arts’ is an umbrella term for artistic creations that one can behold with their own eyes. Visual Arts is made up of:

Fine arts

All elements of fine arts fall under visual arts and typically include sculpturing, painting, drawing, print making. Additionally, activities such as manuscript illumination, graphic art, calligraphy, book illustration and architecture also fall under fine art.

Decorative arts and crafts

Art is beautiful and it’s only natural that it would be used to make decorative elements. This discipline covers mosaic art, ceramics, tapestry, stained glass, studio pottery, mobiles and more. In short, the art pieces you see in a home, church, resort and more mostly fall under decorative arts and crafts.

Contempora40ef66cdd5a2c05e8f48ee6cdcb620afry art

As the world continues to evolve, so will the visual arts. Technology has played an important role
in the growth of contemporary art such as mixed media, collages, installations, assemblage, photography, animations, video art, and computer graphics. People also have performance arts and environmental arts which are also known as land arts that capture unique change-of-state art forms like ice sculptures.

It is evident that visual art is so broad that there is no single definition that can do justice to it. In the grand scheme of things, visual art can also include real applied art as is the case with interior design, graphic and fashion design, such as tattoos, body art, face and body painting.

It is therefore safe to say that visual art is any intricate human creation that appeals to the senses especially that of sight.