The Growth of Modern Art

The birth of contemporary art can be traced back to the 19th century when the world would forever change how things were done. Artists in this age were mostly contracted by large institutions such as the church and wealthy individuals who hdownload-3ad a love for art. Much of the art in this period was centered on the subject of religion or magical stories that were intended to tell a story.

As the century progressed, a new crop of artists emerged. They focused on creating art around places, people or even ideas that were trending in this period and of which they had great experience in. Artists became more creative and even started tapping into their dreams to make art. Some even used symbolism to express themselves through art.

This period started seeing artists become bolder and push the boundaries by experimenting with bright colors, new techniques and new materials. A major milestone was the inception of photography in the 1830s that was used to reinterpret the world, so to say.

Art continued evolving and this is when artists really heeded to their calling. No one was afraid anymore of pushing their boundaries or experimenting with new techniques.

Today, modern art has grown to a whole new level. Artists are making beautiful art from the unlikeliest of materials with chewing gum and tape being some of the examples. It’s no longer just about the material, but telling a story that’s inside you.

Technology has also played a significant role in changing the modern art scene. You don’t have to be the most talented artist to create art. With a good computer and the right software, you can create amazing pieces that fetch a lot in art galleries.

Modern art continues to evolve with more and more artists diversifying into different niches.