The Diminishing Artist

Introducing yourself as an artist risks turning you into a laughing stock in the society. The term ‘artist’ today carries with it the weight of laziness, irresponsibility, lack of direction and funds, and an adolescent idea that will fade with maturity. Only w23347390076_f55f2d191f_bhen you manage to showcase a successful gallery will you command some attention.

Surprisingly, before the 19th century, artists were considered to be very respectable members of the society with most of them even commanding noble positions of power. Artists were seen to be the bridge between humans and supernatural with their works communicating messages from the supernatural.

It therefore comes as no surprise that even today; humans are still singing praises of the works done by renowned artists such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo and the likes. Over 500 years have passed, but people are yet to have modern artists whose works can rival the works that of the ancient artists. Part of this could be attributed to the fact that there are so many forms of entertainment today that art is no longer so dear to most people apart from the ones practicing it.

Technology is another factor that has affected the art scene. For example, simple software has the ability to create something so beautiful that when a person does the same thing, it doesn’t seem so special. Back then when artists like Michelangelo were creating art, they would do it from scratch and using limited resources unlike today’s artists.

The expensive lifestyle can also be a contributing factor to the fact that artists are no longer held in high regard. This is because an artist has to work about two different jobs in order to meet their monthly obligations, and also sustain their love for art. In the end, the pieces they end up producing are not so great.