Interesting Sources of Art

Some artists have taken the whole idea of saving the planet to a whole new level, with art being made using the most unlikely recycled materials. The beauty of art is that anything can be made into art, no matter how ludicrous it seems.

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Ever thought you could use chewing gum to make an exquisite piece of art? Well Maurizio Savini definitely does and has already gone ahead to create and sell sculptures made from this gummy material. He uses about 10kg of chewing gum for each sculpture and no, he doesn’t chew it all. What he does is melt the chewing gum cuing a hair drier then after it becomes nice and soft, he needs to make it pliable after which he sticks it to a sculpture base.


Well not your typical tapestry, rather art pieces that are created using tape. Max Zorn is a Dutch artist who creates amazing sculptures by building layer after layer of tape on a glass base. It’s done so well that you wouldn’t immediately tell that it’s tape.

Food art

Turns out that food is not just good for your body, but it can also create some amazing art as well. The great thing about food is that it is colorful and has different textures making it a good material for creating art. You can have fun with art by making paintings or mosaics using real food pieces that have been dried.

Pencil art

We are not talking about drawing using a pencil to make art, but making art on the lead end of a pencil. The lead end provides a great material for carving out tiny sculptures and makes for some very interesting art pieces.

The thing about art is that it can be created out of anything. Just open your eyes and let your creative juices flow.