Eke a Living from Your Art

You may have seen art pieces going for as much as millions of dollars, but this begs the question, why are so many talented artists still struggling? Many artists will admit to never having sold a single one of their pieces, yet on looking at the pieces, the least you would expect them to go for is a thousand dollars.nm-hippy-dialectics-1

If you are an exceptional artist who is yet to get your big break, here are a few tips you can use to become a selling artist.

Create relationships with fellow artists, buyers and writers

As weird as it may feel leaving your studio in search for the most profitable network, it’s important because your pieces are not going to sell themselves. You need to get out and start interacting with the right people. Artists generally help other artists navigate their way through the complex world of making sales.

Always pay attention to your financial situation

Artists at times get carried away in travelling to different states for an art gallery or buying expensive pieces for their creations that they forget to meet their basic obligations such as paying rent. It won’t make much sense to spend over five hundred dollars to go view a famous artist’s work when you won’t have a studio to paint in when you return.

Take part in valuable internships

Experience in the art scene will help you a great deal when you are ready to start selling your own material. Work with a reputable gallery and learn from the pros of the industry, getting insights that will help you become better.

Commit to art

Many artists juggle between their artwork and another job that ‘pays the bills’ however, you can only serve one master successfully. Committing to art will improve your skill and give you a better chance at succeeding as an artist.